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Our Values

Excellence: We strive for excellence in every aspect of our business. From product development and innovation to customer service, we aim to exceed expectations and deliver the highest quality experience. We take pride in setting high standards for ourselves and consistently pushing the boundaries to achieve greatness.

Integrity: Integrity is the foundation of our organization. We believe in being honest, transparent, and ethical in all our interactions, both internally and externally. We value the trust our customers and employees place in us and ensure that we always act with integrity, even in the face of challenges or difficult decisions.

Empowerment: At Axxis Beauty, we believe in empowering individuals to unleash their full potential. We foster a culture of support, encouragement, and growth, both personally and professionally. We provide our employees with the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to thrive, while also ensuring that our customers feel empowered through our products and services.

The Founders Ryan and Kortney: Axxis Beauty is the brainchild of Ryan and Kortney, a dynamic duo driven by a shared passion for redefining the beauty industry. In 2021, Kortney, the visionary behind the brand, assembled a team of skilled chemists to help bring her ambitious concept to life. Kortney's vision was to create a line of aloe vera-based makeup that would cater to all skin types, offering a clean and nourishing alternative to traditional cosmetics. This journey was not without its challenges, as Kortney meticulously tested countless formulations, exchanging samples tirelessly in the first year to ensure her exacting standards were met.


A Vision Centered on You: At the heart of Axxis Beauty lies Kortney's unwavering belief that there should be no limits when it comes to beauty. Her mission is to empower individuals to embrace their unique radiance, free from the constraints of conventional beauty standards. Kortney's dedication to exceeding expectations is evident in every aspect of the brand, from the carefully curated ingredients to the thoughtful packaging and customer experience.

A Commitment to Excellence: Ryan and Kortney's partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration and shared vision. Together, they have built a brand that not only delivers exceptional products but also fosters a community of individuals who embrace their natural beauty and strive for self-acceptance. As Axxis Beauty continues to evolve, the founders remain steadfast in their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and a deep understanding of their customers' needs. With a focus on intellectual discourse and a soft, approachable tone, Axxis Beauty invites you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and radiant self-expression.

Kortney's Vision Brought to Life with Ryan's Support: Throughout this journey, Kortney's husband, Ryan, has been a steadfast partner, providing unwavering support and encouragement. Ryan's role has been instrumental in bringing Kortney's vision to life. He has been a constant source of inspiration, offering his insights and expertise to help refine the product line and ensure it meets the needs of their customers. Kortney's dedication to exceeding expectations is evident in every aspect of the brand, and Ryan's unwavering support has been a driving force behind this commitment to excellence. As Axxis Beauty continues to evolve, the partnership between Kortney and Ryan remains a testament to the power of collaboration and shared vision. 

The future of Axxis Beauty is filled with endless possibilities, and the founders are eager to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible. With their unwavering dedication and the support of their growing community, Kortney and Ryan are confident that Axxis Beauty will continue to be a beacon of hope and inspiration for individuals seeking to embrace their natural beauty and radiance.

Meet The Founders

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