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We are Axxis Beauty

Imagine a beauty company that revolves around you, that's us!

It was important to choose the name Axxis Beauty for our company that backs up what we really stand for. We want to offer intentional products, support, and an exceptional experience for everyone. Imagine a beauty company that revolves around you, that’s us. Exceptional products, genuine care and support, putting people first, and putting the customer at the center of everything we do. Axxis Beauty aims to provide an incredible experience for anyone using our beauty products. As an avid user of cosmetics and a wide variety of beauty products, Kortney Meszewski set out to create a company that offers an opportunity for anyone who wants to feel beautiful inside and out. Beginning in the last quarter of 2021, we set out to create a custom foundation formula that would be developed and manufactured here in the USA. Contracting with a team of chemists, this vision has been brought to life. It was important to the creator and CEO to have Aloe Vera as the main key ingredient. This intricate process started with providing every detail of what we wanted this foundation to be. Every characteristic was carefully considered and then each ingredient was thoroughly researched and selected to make this wonderful foundation become reality. Calls at 4am, emails back and forth, and meeting after meeting until we created the final formula. Manufacturing is scheduled to begin this year and we can’t wait to get it in your hands.

Wanting To Be Part Of Axxis Beauty?

Ideal for individuals who thrive in team-building environments and excel at networking, this opportunity offers compensation for mentoring and expanding your team. With a focus on online network marketing, it suits those who are adept at leveraging digital platforms to foster connections and guide others towards success.

Perfect for individuals seeking compensation based on their sales volume without the requirement to build a team. This opportunity is especially suited for salon owners and those focused on direct sales, offering a straightforward approach to earning without the need for extensive network marketing. Ideal for those who prefer to concentrate on making sales and delivering value directly to their clients.

Aloe - Vera Makeup

Explore the soothing world of Aloe Vera Makeup!  Experience the gentle touch of nature as you enhance your features with our nourishing formulas. From foundation, blush and bronzer, each product is carefully crafted to provide hydration, nourishment, and a flawless finish.  Learn more about our custom formula. 


Discover the power of aloe vera in our makeup, designed to nourish and love your skin back.

Aloe Powered Perfection

USA Made

Real Results

Jessica (Advisor)

Versatile luxury makeup dress up or down, but always feels great on my skin. I love the lashes! Easy to apply and remove without breakage of my natural lashes! Venus blush is the perfect shade of pink.

Veronica (Advisor)

I haven't worn a full face of makeup in a long time because it never felt or looked right to me. With Axxis Beauty I can wear makeup and not feel it at all! I also love that it's going to help my skin in the long run, what other brand can do that with aloe vera?

Amber (Advisor)

Axxis Beauty makeup knocks the socks of of the top dollar brands I have used for many years! I cannot feel it on my face! I can do a no-makeup makeup look or go full glam and it still looks flawless. Through swim lessons, gym workouts, sauna sessions, sweating outside... it stays through it all

Mandy (Advisor)

I am simply amazed by the Axxis Beauty foundation! I LOVE how it looks on my mature skin. It’s like my skin but so much better! It truly is the most lightweight makeup I’ve ever used with that much coverage. I have tried so many foundations from drugstore to luxury high end. Axxis Beauty foundation is TOP TIER!

Beauty Bundles

13 more shades coming soon!

some are not pictured

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